Are we really in this together?

The slogan "we're in this together" is the positive spin to let people know, during Covid-19 we are all going through the same thing. It creates a since of community that everyone is confined to their homes, missing their social life and want the normalcy they once had. But are we really in this together? We are all in different stages or our lives. Some have school age children, multiple children, adult children, expecting their first child or added to the family. While others may be single, living alone, in a different city/state/country. Similarly, some are living with their abuser(s) and yet are we really in this together?

Although the varying types of family dynamics are extensive, there are people in multiple scenarios in which this time is extremely lonely. Families are challenged with meeting the basic needs of the family. More families are using the resources around them; visiting food banks, picking up school lunches, using the free/reduced internet for distance learning among many other resources to stay afloat.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs says we must meet our psychological needs, safety, love/friendships and self esteem in order to be our best self. Maslow's model provides a sense of balance. Moreover, Beth Patterson, MA, LPC shares in her blog, Treating Trauma and Grief: A Hierarchy of Needs, actions that may appear at each of the Hierarchy of Needs stages .

"...a person trying to cope with trauma may turn to drugs or alcohol ...also self-isolate and cut off sources of social support."

What happens when social isolation is forced? If we withdrawal when going through trauma, are we traumatized when we are forced into withdrawal or social isolation?

If social isolation has brought upon more challenges than a lacking social life, are we really in this together?

On a personal note, I am able to work from home and help my son with his school work. Distance learning is welcomed with emotional breakdowns and wanting to play the video games. We have painted, completed puzzles, yard work, workouts, tried new recipes, and read plenty of books. I am more of an introvert so being at home is relaxing to me. However, having and extrovert for a child, the struggle is real!!!

Note: Please reach out to someone if additional support is needed.

Crisis Text Line | Text HOME To 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


***At the time of this post, Ohio is 25 days of isolation.



Patterson, B. (2014). Treating trauma and grief: A hierarchy of needs. Retrieved 4/21/2020 from

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