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As a young girl I always had big dreams and goals I wanted to reach. The only thing in my mind that stopped me was living in a small town and an unmotivated environment. It’s all about graduating high school, college then ending up getting a job outside of your college degree, putting all your big dreams to the side.

As I got older, I realized I didn’t want to continue to do the same things like everyone and knew I had potential to reach my goals I dreamed about. I decided to seek my purpose in life. While doing that I ended up as a preschool teacher, which was my dream job.

In the process of seeking my purpose, I focused on God, prayed, wrote all my goals down and found a mentor.

Finding a mentor helped me stay on the right track, my accountability person. My mentor inspires me to go above and beyond. Believes in my vision and help me believe in myself. Going through my journey of life I became a mentor. I mentor young girls in our community. I feel that every young person should have a mentor as well as adults. Having a mentor at a young age has been proven to help our youth gain the confidence they need to reach their goals. Having that person they can go talk to about anything. A mentor who will inspire them to make the right choices and help them attain good grades. Through my years of mentoring I have spoken with over 100 girls and the one thing that always come into our conversation is “”I just want someone to listen and believe in me” We should have more mentors in our community. We have the power to change and better the lives around us when we all work together. Here are 5 tips to Showcase your Mentor Magic: 1) Listen 2) Give steps to help problem solve and not solve issues for them 3) Encourage 4) Help make a plan 5) Be their accountability partner You can become a mentor by starting today!

What are your interest? What can you give to the community?

Share your knowledge and volunteer at your local organizations.

About the Author

Ke'Aunte 'Miss KeKe' Harris is a preschool teacher and new mom. Beyoutiful Weirdo, LLC holds virtual and in person group meetings. For more information visit

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