SOJCC Found Its Groove

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Sisterhood of Jewels Community Connections, LLC is comprised of four women who have volunteered their time to enhance the city of Massillon. We are businesses within a business and yet we are flourishing. We are a small percentage of the approximate 7% of African Americans in Massillon. We are the jewels of the community, who care about making the city a better place and more inclusive of the community it serves. We know there is a population of citizens here in Massillon who are underserved. It took trauma for people to notice us and it took courage to put ourselves in front of established organizations to say 'here we are'. And since the early part of the pandemic, we found our groove.

What is our groove. It's the hustle we live be everyday. It's the reorganizing of our lives to meet with a relator to look at office space. It's scheduling zoom meetings to collaborate on a large history project with Massillon Museum. It's coffee at the local coffee shop. It's brainstorming on how to incorporate families into the Massillon night life and simply how to have fun. We have found our groove. We have been able to be our authentic professional selves and still share our authentic selves in an interview with a local mom group. What we thought was a slow waltz, turned into a pandemic fox trot with a spicy combination of the salsa. We found our groove.

We are looking to keep the groove and turn it into a Reggaetón combination. We are working to make more relationships, collaborate on more projects, and grow our team. We will sway our hips into more partnerships. Harlem shake into more board rooms and flash mob our support to local businesses. We have found our groove.

In order to keep the groove, we need more people. We need people to show up to events and participate in the action. We need volunteers, donations, and support. The Cupid Shuffle is always better when there is a group of people.

Visit our website, follow our Facebook page, and IG for upcoming events and join the groove.



Instagram: sis_of_jewels_cc

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