The Power of Positivity!

Oftentimes we fall into this funk of what we don't have; I know I have been guilty of it. Focusing so hard on what we think we need to feel successful or better than the last. Sadly, it's to the point you lose sight of the many trials and life’s tests that you have already conquered. The moment when you take that huge inhale to fill as much space capacity in your lungs and release out to the atmosphere, is a moment to bask in. We, as people, tend to put so much pressure on ourselves and it can lead to unhealthy stressors. I’m learning to take a more positive outlook on life's challenges because being negative...just sucks!

As a child, I was always told that “there is power in the tongue, so be careful as to what you say”. I heard it so much, that it was just another saying that I heard even when it wasn’t audibly said. Coming from a church family, I was lectured with scriptures from the Bible and I wouldn't change it. This Proverb is so relevant to speaking positivity over oneself rather than being drowned in a deep sea of negative thoughts and feelings.

Trends come and go and even return after a while, but the trend of positive affirmations, being grateful for what is going well, and even positive self-talk is one that should be a part of our daily routine. It makes you feel better and sets the tone for your entire mood for the day. Try it! Start the day by waking up and giving thanks for being able to wake up. Take some deep breaths- I’m talking so deep that you feel your diaphragm expand and contract- and allow your body to fully rise. Have water ready to drink to replenish yourself. Speak words like “I am ready for this day”, “I am so grateful for having my essentials available to me”, “hello gorgeous!” “I am safe”, “I am Loved”, “I am protected”, “I know exactly how to solve whatever comes my way”. With funky breath and a bed head, this stuff still works!

Another way to allow positivity to flow your way is to trust the process. The perfect time will come when you least expect it, and that goes for anything pertaining to relationships, jobs, your own business or whatever the case may be. Let things flow as you put in the work. The positive energy that you radiate will attract the same in return in due time!

There are moments when this seems impossible to do simply because it's hard to even get out of the bed. If you or someone you know is dealing with severe anxiety, sadness, depression or substance abuse there are resources out here to aid in creating a healthier lifestyle. is a website to find resources in your area in reference to Mental health. All you have to do is enter a word like anxiety or depression into the search bar and many places or hotlines in Stark County will pop up with a plethora of information!

Getting fresh air and sunlight has been scientifically proven to lift one's mood. Drinking water, lavender and chamomile tea, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting a massage, cleaning your living space, talking to a friend, writing in a journal, saying ‘no’, meditation, yoga and the list goes on- are ways to treat yourself with Care! Which brings it back to positivity. Treat yourself good and pass the torch forward! Peace and Light!

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