When You Need to Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming” -Dory, Finding Nemo

Just a little more by D. Simpson

We are mothers, fathers, children, professionals, black, brown

Everything in between the color of coffee creamer and coffee beans.

We are internalizing the outside world. We still smile and show up.

We look as if nothing is bothering us, as if we don’t hear the side comments, as if we didn’t notice the conversation changed when we walked in the room.

Believe me, we noticed, we heard you, we saw you but we, must keep smiling.

Smile as if the outside doesn’t affect how you feel about your life.

Continuously filling up your cup with powerful affirmations.

Me against the world affirmations

I got this affirmations.

I will not give up affirmations.

You will not stand in my way affirmations.

Just keep swimming affirmations.

As we push through change, just know we’re tired and we need just a little more motivation.

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